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We work closely with our partners to turn an idea into a product, delivering business value early with the intent of getting market insights while the costs are still low. We help define our client's vision and strategic goals by launching an MVP first and later releasing new iterations. This allows controlling the budget and concedes business individuals the ability to test, observe and measure the product. Consecutively, allows formulate new strategic set of features for the next iteration by reacting to market needs with the purpose of building a stable and robust product.

How we work

Continuous communication

To achieve effective collaboration, we value open and daily interactions with our clients.

Lean development

We value implementing the most important features first and getting continuous feedback from functional software to measure progress and reduce costs.

Agile delivery

We incrementally build products to make informed budget decisions. Delivering software with short time-scales also promotes sustainable development using a constant pace.


Software build with quality in mind helps reduce costs and improve development efficiency. To achieve high software standards, we embrace testing as part of the delivered working software.

What's an MVP?

An MVP contains the smallest amount of features that allows the product to be in production for real users. It helps gather information about the product viability quickly, reducing risks while keeping the costs down.

Discovery process

The discovery process is an iterative approach where each iteration serves as an input for the next one, allowing the client and development team to learn about the product using real data in a budget-effective manner. This way, the amount of assumptions is reduced, leading to greater chances of success and ability to react quickly.

  • Measure
  • Feedback
  • Inception
  • Features plan
  • Build
  • Release
  • Vision


This is the high-level view of the technical solution to be developed. The client envisions the key needs and features of the project and our technical team implements it in an iterative approach.


Kick-off and agreement about the scope of the release and a technical solution is proposed by the team.

Features plan

Based on the agreed time-scales and priorities, the features plan is defined and the team sign up for the release.


The team builds the solution using micro-increments focusing on quality and continuous communication with the client.


At the end of the agreed deadline, the solution is released into production.


Using metric collection points plugged into the code, the client and the team can gather business and technical data.


We review the measurements with the client and together we define the next iteration using what we learned about the previous one.

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